A collection of my original songs that almost no one has ever listened to.

I record everything at home. I do the vocals, most of the guitar, and percussion instruments. Cello, Sax, Keys, Drums, and lead guitar were played by Tin Whiskers A.K.A Kirk Heydt.

I do the mixing and the incredibly unmasterful-mastering myself. I am also the sole proprietor and staff member at The Sleepy Tom Marketing Machine. All of this might explain why, after playing music in the triangle area for over thirty years, I am still so obscure even in these small towns. The above-mentioned in addition to of course having a style the taste for which needs to be acquired over time and seems not to have been by many also probably explains why these songs have been heard by so few. So thank you for listening if you did and thanks in advance if you think you ever might!



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Here are a couple more songs from my album on Bandcamp.


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