Music Demos (Solo Acoustic)

Below are three solo acoustic demos. I play traditional blues, originals and covers of songs by Tom Waits, Dylan, The Stones and JJ Cale. There is a Soundcloud link to one song in each of those styles below.

Music Demos (Solo Electric)

Below is a demo for my cover of Hound Dog Taylor's version of "Just Can't Make It" and an original blues "Shake It Loose". I recorded both of these live, playing alone, using a Digitech Trio Band Creator pedal to add drum parts.

Sleepy Tom's Music Bio

Sleepy Tom, AKA, Tom Forsythe, is a solo musician who sings and plays acoustic and electric guitar. He has been living and playing music in the Triangle for over 30 years. Among others, he has played with blues artists Big Boy Henry and Slewfoot and multi-instrumentalist, Tin Whiskers. For percussion on the acoustic songs he uses a suitcase kick drum. For some of the electric blues that he does in live shows, he adds a full drum kit to his mix with a Digitech Trio Band Creator effects pedal.