Kids Nation Second Line & Rally | WWOZ

Walk in Solidarity with the families that have lost loved ones to senseless violence during a MURDERBEATSNOTPOPLE Rally leading the KIDS NATION Social & Pleasure Club Super Sunday parade. Dedicated to Kharen Chapman & your loved one. START Bayou St. John and straight up Orleans Ave. Bring your signs and pictures of your loved ones. #MURDERBEATSNOTPEOPLE Source: Kids Nation Second Line & Rally | WWOZ New Orleans 90.7 FM  

Katrina, by Gary Rivlin

I just started reading this book that my family gave me. After reading only the prologue I felt the need to find it and post it. It is that incredible. I am not a writer but I will try to give a quick overview. The prologue of “Katrina” tells the unbelievable story of how the public officials of Gretna, Louisiana, (a small town across the river from the city) treated the New Orleans transit agency workers (bus drivers, streetcar operators…

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