Album Notes

Tom Forsythe, AKA Sleepy Tom, originally from Maine, has been living in Raleigh / Durham, NC off & on for over 30 years. Among others, he has played with blues artists Big Boy Henry and Slewfoot.

Kirk Charles Heydt, AKA Tin Whiskers, plays guitar, sax, cello, keys and drums. He lives in California. He has played with Sonny Simmons, Cecil Taylor, Jesse DeNatale & many more

A note from Tom about this album:
"I was fortunate enough to cross paths with Tin Whiskers last fall when I was playing at a bar down the street from my house in Raleigh, NC. We rehearsed once and then played a couple of gigs together. The two of us decided there was enough clickage that we should record some originals. I knew that someone who can play so many instruments as well as Kirk probably wouldn't come my way again anytime soon, so I was eager to record him playing on some of my originals before he moved back CA. This batch of songs is the result. Kirk did most of his stuff in one or two takes. No overdubs or digital comping. The result ain't nothing but the blues... pretty much."

Album credits:
Tom Forsythe (AKA Sleepy Tom) Guitar, Vocals, Percussion
Kirk Charles Heydt (AKA Tin Whiskers ) Guitar, Drums, Cello, Keyboards, Sax, Bass!

Tin Whiskers Latest Album

Tin Whiskers, Plans for a gong is the latest album from Kirk Charles Heydt. It features Loralee Christiansen on Vocals, Paul Olguin on Bass, Kendrick Freeman on Drums, Deb Heydt on Solo piano, and Kirk Charles Heydt on Guitar, Cello, and Saxophone. These Musicians are some of the greatest players in the bay area, even more they are great human beings