Katrina, by Gary Rivlin

I just started reading this book that my family gave me. After reading only the prologue I felt the need to find it and post it. It is that incredible. I am not a writer but I will try to give a quick overview.

The prologue of “Katrina” tells the unbelievable story of how the public officials of Gretna, Louisiana, (a small town across the river from the city) treated the New Orleans transit agency workers (bus drivers, streetcar operators and mechanics) and their families who stayed in the city, facing Katrina, to do their jobs, transporting other people from the coming storm to safety, only to get stranded by the flood themselves.

After the life/death ordeal of getting from the flooded city to the Crescent City Connection, a bridge that is under Louisiana State Jurisdiction, the small town of Gretna, with no state or federal authority, set up a blockade on the bridge and attempted to push these heros and survivors of the storm back into the flooded disaster zone… instead of helping them.

This was an absolute disgrace for our country. The only thing that concerns me more then the actual incident is the lack of news coverage and public outrage that this incident got.

Please, click the link below and read the prologue. This is what bigotry can do… and it better not happen again…


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